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MOTR - Oil Tan Delta & Resistivity Kit

A User Friendly solution for Accurate Measurement

Preprogrammed &
Customized Test Sequence

Oil Auto Drain Facility

Bluetooth Connected

MOTR - Automated Oil Tan Delta & Resistivity Kit


Motwane's MOTR is micro processor based compact kit for precise measurement of the Tan Delta & resistivity of insulating oils.It is single unit design loaded with International test standards for automatic measurement of all parameters as per the standard. The customized test sequences available as per user's requirement. Test Cell is designed as per IEC 60247 with precise control of measuring tan delta and resitivity at 27 C & 90 C. MOTR has auto oil drain facility after test. It is provided with internal memory and printer. USB interface available for data transfer & report generation facility. The calibrator with standard Tan delta & resistivity ranges available for validating performance of the kit.


The dissipation factor test is widely used as an accaptance and preventive maintenance test for insulating oil. Oil dissipation factor testing in the field is usually done with the Oil Tan delta & Resistivity Test Kit.The dissipation factor of new oil should not exceed 0.05 percent at 25 C. A high Tangent Delta in used oil indicates deterioration, contamination, or both with moisture,carbon,varnish,Glyptal,sodium soaps, or deterioration products.Used oil with Tangent Delta in excess of 0.05 percent should be further analysed in laboratory to determine the cause of the high dissipation factor.Oil with a Tangent Delta in excess of 2.0 percent may be an operational hazard. It should be investigated and either reconditioned or replaced.


Measuring oil quality in oil filled electrical equipment :


HV Cables


Oil filled circuit breaker


MOTR Features

Test cell according to IEC 60247

Oil Auto drain facility

Inbuilt Thermal Printer

Internal Memory for 250 Test

USB Interface

Portable Calibrator

Preprogrammed & customized Test sequences

Dissipation factor, Volume Resistivity, Dielectric constant (permittivity), Watt loss

Oil test heating chamber with precise tempature control

Technical Specification

AC Voltage 0 - 2400 V
Resolution 1V
Accuracy ±1% of Reading

DC Voltage 100 - 1000 V
Resolution 1V
Accuracy ±1% of Reading

Dissipation Factor 0 - 4.0
Resolution 1 X 10e-5
Accuracy ±1% of rdg ±0.0001 (1 X 10-4 )

Capacitance 0 - 1600 pF
Resolution 0.01 pF
Accuracy ±1pF

Dielectric Loss 0 - 10.0 watts
Resolution 0.001 mili watts
Accuracy ± 1% of Reading ± 10-5 watts

Resistivity 10*9 Ω cm to 10*15 Ω cm
Resolution 3 Digits
Accuracy ± 2% of rdg at 10*9 – 10*13 Ω cm
Accuracy ± 5% of rdg at 10*13 – 10*14 Ω cm
Accuracy ± 10% of rdg above 10*14 Ω cm

Test Cell
Constant 620 Nominal
Capacitance 55pF ± 1pF
Insulation Teflon (PTFE)
Electrode spacing 2 mm
Volume of oil 60ml
Dielectric Constant 1 - 20
Resolution 0.001
Accuracy 0.1%

Temperature Range 20° C - 150° C
Temperature Control One set point (max110° C)
Heating Element Induction Type
Sensor Solid state (PT100)

Test Standards IEC 60247, VDE 0380, BS 5737, ASTM D924, ASTM D1169, JISC2101:2010,IS602 .

Display Alphanumeric LCD Display

Printer Inbuilt Thermal Printer

PC Interface USB

Memory 250 Test

Power Supply 110v /230v. 50/60Ghz ± 15%

Operating Temperature -10 to 50 Deg C, 90% non codensing

Safety Standards IEC61010 - 1,IEC61326-1

Dimension 510 mm X 320 mm X 380 mm

Weight 24kg
Standard Accessories Test Lead sets Oil Test cell with 3 terminals Standard Calibrator with Tan Delta, Capacitance Resistivity values Transportation case
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